Building businesses is

an area of expertise.


The Chief of Staff specializes in harnessing the skills applied to this craft. 


We're the COS Tech Network. Together we..


Create a platform for Chiefs of Staff to engage, discuss, and learn from one another.


Assist CEO's looking to hire a Chief of Staff and help people transform their role or get hired as a COS.

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Organize and share stories and lessons from the COS's of top tech & media companies around the world.

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Highly focused conversational sessions organized around business, operational, and product challenges. Pods give members exposure to new people, companies and opinions on their most relevant business needs.


Enjoy the benefits of real-time connections fostered through access to private forums, Slack Channels and information repositories designed to support everyday questions and challenges.


Breakfast & happy-hour style events allow for letting loose and building stronger relationships with fellow chiefs while enjoying amazing venues around NY (perfect for team events).